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A multi-talented professional. I am a Psychologist, a Parenting Coach, an Art Therapy Practitioner, and a Bestselling Author.

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About Latha Tater

Latha Tater is a multi-talented professional. She is a Psychologist, a Parenting Coach, an Art Therapy Practitioner, and a Bestselling Author. She is also the founder of Latha's Mind Hub, a registered MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) that offers online psychological and training services. Latha's Mind Hub provides counseling, workshops, and awareness programs.

Latha has an extensive background in conducting workshops on psychological topics for both parents and children, having conducted over 300 workshops.

Her expertise and contributions have been recognized by several publications such as Hindustan Bytes, Entrepreneur Hunt, Daily Hunt, and Inc 91, who have published articles about her work.

In addition to her workshops and publications, Latha has achieved the remarkable feat of being a bestselling author. Her book titled "Calm Your Child's Anger" has reached the #1 position on Amazon's Bestseller list.

Latha's accomplishments have not gone unnoticed on an international scale. Her author story was embraced by the esteemed international magazine "Working Mama" in their May/June 2023 Edition.

Latha Tater's diverse skill set, impactful workshops, bestselling book, and international recognition make her a valuable and influential coach in the field of psychology, parenting, and art therapy.

Featured in the esteemed international magazine "Working Mama"

I aim to help parents build strong relationships with their children through knowledge, tools, and support. My mission is to promote positive parenting practices and raise happy, confident, and resilient children. I offer personalized guidance and support to develop your unique parenting style based on your values and goals. I provide practical strategies to manage difficult behaviors, improve communication, and foster healthy relationships. Let's create a positive and fulfilling parenting experience together!

- Latha Tater

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My E-book "Calm Your Child's Anger" has hit

#1 Bestseller spot on amazon

This e-book explains 10 effective strategies to handle your child's anger in a positive way. These strategies are especially beneficial for parents with children aged 3-16 years

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